Hardly any other industry offers such great potential for savings and productivity improvement as material handling systems. This industry links the operational areas of warehouse and transportation. With flexible and innovative concepts, Wieland offers solutions for power distribution and control directly alongside the conveyor technology.

Airport logistic
Airport Logistics

Material handling at the airport includes all processes, resources and facilities for clearing freight, mail and luggage, as well as provisioning and disposal of material for air traffic. For electrical equipment in luggage handling systems, Wieland offers customized solutions for decentralized installation technology.

Internal logistics
Internal logistics – Material flow technology

Internal logistics includes the organization, execution and optimization of material flows within a company’s plant. Typical application areas for Wieland solutions are conveyor technology systems, such as powered roller and pallet conveyors. In these applications Wieland products are utilized in control cabinets, as well as directly in the conveyor technology.

Automotive – Production and logistics

In this industry flexibility and uptime of the production operations demand the highest priority. Systems must often be installed and commissioned within an urgently short timeframe. The same demand applies to the modification and expansion of existing systems. The power bus solutions from Wieland offer the decisive arguments of fast and reliable installation and commissioning of your systems.

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