The future

Future-proof systems rely on standards. KNX has proven itself over many years, and it is established and standardized worldwide. The pluggable electrical installation with gesis® has been used successfully all over the world for the last 25 years and more. The combination of both proven systems prepares any building adequately for the future.


Architects, planners, and contractors must all take account of the conditions relating to a building. The wishes of the owners and the constraints, e.g. due to building size, regulations, location, and ultimately budget, impact on room automation. So it is essential to have automation devices that can also be adapted to these requirements. Fixed-function devices for a room can only satisfy this need to a limited extent; they are either oversized or overburdened. Modular devices where the function is easily modified by adding inputs/outputs can be adapted to requirements at any time. Even after initial installation.


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